Havin' a baby!

And moved back to Philly, and all kinds of stuff. You can keep up here.


Heat miser?

Do any of you remember this? I don't, and I'm sure I would remember such a catchy tune. (My coworker sent it to me.)


Another football sunday passed

Go Eagles! But Johnny asked a compelling question:

Is Adam Vinatieri still on the Patriots' payroll?


1st leg

We finally set out for the first stretch of the trip about 7:30 last night, after some problems with Johnny's web site and stupid iWeb.

Yes, I just called iWeb stupid.

After missing what waa probably some of the most beautiful scenery of the trip in WV and Va, we reached Lexington where we crashed at the HoJo on this mountain. The leaves are still turning here (at home our trees are almost bare) and Ilm looking forward to the drive to Richmond, home of VCU.

But first, breakfast!